Club awards

The Gibby Rowan memorial award ‘best clubman’

Gibby arrived in Australia in 1967 to join the Latrobe Soccer Club which later amalgamated with another district club of long standing, the Bardon club which was based at Bowman Park.

Amalgamation was being pushed by the Federation in the attempt to form stronger clubs. Mr Bob Hogg, a local resident, was a driving force and in 1968 the club Bardon Latrobe Soccer Club was formed. The senior team, of which Gibby could be said to be a founding member, played their home games at the new Brisbane Football base at Perry Park and, for a few years, earned the reputation of being the best football playing team in the then top league. The team at the time boasted Coe, Gault, Rowan, Lamb, Sinclair, Carrigan and Jamieson – all playing for Queensland’s senior team against interstate and overseas opponents.

Football was still in a huge re-vitalisation mode and the mid-seventies two factors became the path to the future. One was the organised coaching of juniors and the other formation of a national league.

So ended Gibby’s association with the club but in those ten years he was never known to complain in fact he became what today’s trophy names him “The Perfect Clubman”.

2008 – Burrill family

2009 – Bruce Powell – Dedicated committee member and registrar for several years. 

2010 – Terri Collins

2011 – Doug Burley – Dedicated committee member. 

2012 – Paul Holland

2013 – Ben Price – Club stalwart playing for top senior side for a number of years. 

2014 – Justin McArthur – Committee member and coach for several years. 

2015 – Phil Thomas

2016 – Hugh Macintosh

2017 – Ryan Taylor –  Awarded for services as Vice-President (Seniors) and Marketing Manager.

2018 – Phil Cowlishaw – Awarded for outstanding services as club president.

2019 – Ross Parker – Awarded for services as Vice-President (Seniors).

2020 – Samuel Irvine Casey – Current treasurer, played as junior into senior sides. Known as the tapeworm.

2021 – Mark Keane – Facilities manager and dedicated committee member over several years.

2022 – Karen Dickson –  A long time volunteer at the club and served as club secretary for a number of years. Karen is also a founding member of our Women’s Over 30s team.

2023 – Neil Wallington –  a long time volunteer at the club including several years involved with the facilities team and in various coaching roles around the club. Recognised for his involvements in the Women’s World Cup events.

The Tom Connolly ‘Senior player of the year award’

The award is named after the long serving treasurer/secretary of the club. It is awarded to an outstanding player from the senior section of the club.

2011 – Mark Sandilands

2012 – Stuart Sommerville – Outstanding player and top goalscorer. 

2013 – Sam Nicol – Captain and defender, outstanding season. 

2014 – David Bounds – Excellent season at centre-back. 

2015 – Kyle Price – Outstanding player and top goalscorer. 

2016 – Ben Elliot – Excellent season at centre-back. 

2017 – Ant Powell – Junior player who established himself in senior team.

2018 – Phil Jeffries – Outstanding striker and top goalscorer.

2019 – Mackenzie Stuart – Outstanding debut season, mostly in defence.

2020 – Austyn Boardman – Former junior awarded for outstanding season, versatile player.

2021 – Flynn Ovenden – Quality midfielder with lightning pace and trickery.

2022 – Rich Sharp – A commanding centre back for the premier winning Metro 6 team he aslo played for both FQPL and Over 35’s teams. 

2023 – Austyn Boardman – Austyn returned to the club in 2023 and captained the FQPL5 team to promotion. He scored 14 goals in the season and is the first player to receive the award twice.

The Rob Wheeler – Spirit of Bardon Latrobe Award

Rob Wheeler first became a member of what was then called the Bardon Latrobe Junior Soccer club in 2005 as a parent whose family had recently moved into the area.  Rob was disappointed that there was no senior team to play for, having played football into his twenties.

With each passing year as spectator and parent-coach, Rob’s own longing to play grew. A man of great loyalty, Rob would not entertain the idea of playing for a different club in seniors, while his sons played at Bardon Latrobe.

While Bardon Latrobe had historically boasted proud and highly successful senior teams, these days were long past. The club had opted to become a juniors-only club, reflected in the name of use at that time, Bardon Latrobe Junior Soccer Club.

Rob was determined that senior teams could and should live and breathe again at Bardon Latrobe so the club could be genuinely all-ages for whole-of-life football lovers, from 3-year-olds to 60-year-olds and beyond.

Rob joined the management committee and begun to advocate for the return of senior teams. Before long the first Bardon Latrobe senior team in many years was competing in a Football Brisbane league. Rob was the first player to sign up.

Over the next decade under Rob’s stewardship as a committee member, the club Vice President and later the Club President, the number of senior teams grew. As a player and a club leader, Rob worked with the new senior players to develop a culture of community that flows beyond the pitch. A culture that sees senior players contributing in meaningful ways such as coaching junior teams sees former players return to Bowman Park to cheer the teams on from the hill, and sees some players going above and beyond to build the best club culture in Brisbane.

Rob was the driving force behind the club name change to Bardon Latrobe Football Club (BLFC), reflecting the club’s new all-community values and direction, and the introduction of a professional club logo, the reintroduction of the red & black kit colours, and a strategy for future operations.  

Rob Wheeler continues to play today although Rob has stepped down from formal leadership roles, believing in the importance of handing the baton on to the next group of player-leaders.

Rob passionately believes that senior players have significant leadership roles to play both formal and informal, in ensuring the club is run for the benefit of players, and that Bardon Latrobe FC continues to be a club for all ages and all-genders with the best club culture in Brisbane.

The Rob Wheeler Bardon Latrobe FC Award goes to a club member who has gone above and beyond to build club culture, support all-ages/all-gender development within the club or support management to ensure the club is run for the benefit of all members. The trophy has been donated by The Wheeler Family

2018 – Graeme Filippi – Dedicated club member who started both City and Over 35’s senior football.

2019 – Karen Dickson – Dedicated Club Secretary and started Over 30’s women’s football in 2019.

2020 – Steve Jones – Referee secretary and junior age coordinator, active supporter of all ages at the club and Over 35s player.

2021 – David Bounds – For dedicated coaching at the club, services to the committee and fostering positive culture.

2022 – Seweryn Bialasiewicz –  Recognised for several years of support to the committee on grant applications and for the work he completed working with the Bardon community.

2023 – Gerard Doyle – Gerard was acknowledged for his work as miniroos vice president in 2023. Gerard brought a passion and dedication to the role including a focus on improving coaching at the club.