Club statement on novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

All Football Brisbane matches are on hold until the club receives further instruction. The club supports training activities to continue at the discretion of the team’s coach and manager and wet weather conditions.  Wet weather notifications will be posted to social media as early as the committee can advise.

We would advise our members to follow the recommendations below.

Bardon Latrobe FC has been proactive and sort medical advice regarding protecting our members against the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during training.
We advise the following recommendations:-
1.  Members should ensure minimal person to person contact i.e. no shaking hands, hugging or group huddles.
2.  Bibs or clothing should not be shared at training sessions and taken home and regularly machine washed.
3.  Please ensure members regularly wash their hands with soap after using the facilities.  The club has employed cleaners who will regularly disinfect the clubhouse and change rooms.
4. Consider minimal handling of the match ball and perhaps avoid throw ins and headers.
5. No sharing of water bottles or food (lollies, chips etc…)
6. If a member is ill (coughs, fevers, muscle aches etc…) please stay away from the club and training.
This is a rapidly changing event and therefore our stance may change as the week goes on so members should check regularly with the club’s social media or their coach/manager.
Many thanks for adhering to this advice and stay well.
Best wishes

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