1. Do you have an u10- Bardon Latrobe Hearts? Football Brisbane has our team playing them but no time scheduled.

    If you do not have such a team why was the team submitted to FB? Word is that it is Bardon that has caused a lot of the chaos at FB by submitting teams that never existed and subsequently frustrated a lot of parents and kids around Brisbane.

    1. Bardon Submitted a list of 54 teams and Field Layouts at the requested Time and we entered them onto the FFA website. FB Entered 131 teams against Bardon Latrobe and Then lost our field layout & team list. As soon as there we teams posted online, we notified FB. They have finally acknowledge this. At no point as Bardon Latrobe submitted non-existent teams.

      We have 550+ players ourselves and have spent many hours ourselves trying to resolve this situation with little success.

      I also personally find the your accusations extremely offensive.

      and no we do not now or have ever to my knowledge had a Hearts team especially in the U10s.

      Good Night.
      Bruce Powell
      Bardon Latrobe Fixture Controller, Registrar, Manager Capital League 4 team, Referee Coordinator.

  2. Before Bardon Latrobe get all the blame, our team missed out on their first match because Grange Thistle changed the fixtures late Friday night and didn’t bother to let anyone know. This is just unacceptable and very disappointing subsequently frustrated a lot of parents and kids around Brisbane.

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