Message from the committee

Hi Bardon Latrobe players, members, supporters, mums and dads,

First of all the club would like to make a heartfelt acknowledgment that some of our community over the coming months may fall seriously ill and many more will experience extreme stresses and financial hardship. It is more important than ever that, despite the current restrictions, we continue to stay together, reach out and support everyone through this current crisis.   The club and many of us are having to plan for worst case scenarios and make difficult decisions.  We want to share some of this planning with you.

The football season

The FFA has stated that professional and grassroots football will not start again before 1st July and our local governing body (Football Brisbane) is drawing up a fixture calendar based on this. The committee does not have a crystal ball but given this scenario feel that a realistic start date could be after the school holidays on 14th July.  This would probably result in a shortened season or a ‘normal length’ season running in to summer. The worst case scenario is that the season will be cancelled.  However if this is the case the club would be keen to run some sort of summer competitive programme for all ages.

Finances and refunds

At present the club is not in a position to offer refunds to members as we do not know what football programme the club will be offering yet.  We are extremely sympathetic to our member’s financial hardships but a blanket refund at this stage would simply make the club insolvent.  The club is looking at pro-rata refunds and membership credits and we will make further statements as the future becomes clearer.  Please note that our governing bodies FFA, FQ and FB whom you have directly paid affiliation fees to are not offering any refunds currently.


It is very sad and frustrating for the committee whom have given up so much time working on the fields, equipment and clubhouse to get everything ready for the start of the season. Now we must wait patiently for this pandemic to run its course.

This club has lived through the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and  Second Word War and will survive this. Please be patient and we can reassure you that the playing fields and facilities at Bowman Park will be here and ready to go for our community to enjoy as soon as it is safe.

Bardon Latrobe Football Club has a wonderful spirit and culture and we don’t have to be playing football to keep this alive and kicking.

Phil Cowlishaw 

President BLFC 


  1. Thank you Phil & to all other committee members. This is a time to think of the greater good. I wish all BLFC Members, Associates & Families take care in our current situation to embrace their families and look forward to when we can all come together again.

  2. What a difficult predicament. I fully support your fantastic work and understand that its simply impossible to provide a 100% refund. I assume Football brisbane won’t be refunding the club for affiliation fees.

    Thanks for the post and good luck. You’ve done a great job over the last few years. The club, clubhouse, facilities and fields have never looked better.

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