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Message to Volunteers from Football Brisbane

Dear Volunteers

As we come to the end of Volunteer Week in Queensland, I wanted to write to express my thanks and those of the Football Queensland Board to the thousand of volunteers that have graced our game for so long.

Sport in Australia, and particularly football, could not survive without volunteers. Whether it is in teams, clubs or Zones we are blessed with very strong support. Parents and friends of our players continue to offer their time and expertise to ensure that our game grows and prospers. Like all of you, I’ve done my stint as a team organiser, driver and urger and even as a (pretty poor) coach. I know that the “many hands make light work” adage is so important when we want our kids to experience life. I know also, though, that our lifestyle is getting more and more complicated and busy and that those who do volunteer do so by giving valuable time to our game. I know of volunteers that have served the game for decades. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Football Queensland is trying to make volunteering more easy, particularly by spending heavily on coach education at a beginner’s level and by introducing new technologies to ease the job of club officials. However, no matter what we do, we can never do without the:

• Club Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers;

• Canteen staff;

• Ground staff and helpers who donate time, materials, ideas and money to fix and build clubs and equipment;

• coaches, managers and other team officials;

• referees whose rewards are miniscule in return for the time they give;

• parents who drive wherever to better their kids’ opportunities;

• and all the urgers like me who love to watch young kids enjoy themselves and give encouragement to everyone, even those who, (again like me), don’t play the game very well.

It’s a beautiful game and I hope that you feel energised by your commitment to it.

Thank you very much.

Dennis O’Brien


Football Queensland

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