O35s Registration

Over 35s Registration

Registering for O35s mens divisions is in two parts this year – each is mutually exclusive.

Step 1

Register here and follow payment instructions.

Step 2

Download and register for over 35’s – Footsy app  https://footsy.app/

Complete your details (including a photo that will be used to verify who you are by the ref). Once the coaches have met to discuss squads you will be added by them.

NOTE:  When entering your phone number in your personal set up, remove the 0 at the start of your phone number, so start with 4. 

All you have to do at this stage is download the app and register.  Once you’re allocated to a team you will be asked to join.

The coaches and managers will build to the team sheets from the app, the ladder, upcoming games, your goals, red/yellow cards etc… will all be on the app.