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Statement on COVID-19

Thank you for your patience during this difficult and extraordinary time.

All Football Queensland and Football Brisbane related activities continue to be suspended at Bardon Latrobe Football Club (BLFC) until further notice. 

BLFC has and continues to support local community use of the fields during this crisis. We provide a well maintained and safe place to exercise while practising social distancing.  Brisbane City Council (BCC) has commended us for this approach.

The COVID restrictions change tomorrow, Saturday 16th May. In accordance with the Queensland Government & Australian Institute of Sport publications the following should be adhered to for the continued safe use of parks and sports fields (this is subject to change so please continuously refer to their webpages).

Each informal gathering of 10 (and strictly no more) must isolate themselves in a reasonable area of the park preferably marked out with cones (approximately the size of 40m by 40m square). All members in the group are encouraged to use hand sanitiser pre and post their gathering. Non contact sport & exercise is permissible and social distancing of 1.5m should be observed. Multiple gatherings in the park are allowed as long as no interactions occur between the groups and they are appropriately geographically separated. Once a gathering has completed their activities they should leave the park straight away.

Please also note that our BCC sports and recreational lease does not allow commercial activities at this facility without the prior approval of the BLFC committee.

The club recommends the use of the COVID Safe app.

This will ensure everyone stays compliant and safe.

Best wishes

The BLFC Committee

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