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Fixtures [Complete] W/E 20th/21st April Upd 19th 14:45

Fixtures 20130420d Final Sat’s working sheet

I Expect to resolve at least the Dragons & Wagtails still, possibly a game on field 9 at 1pm   Done.  Liverpool moved to 12pm.

The above link is our best guess as to a workable fixture set for this W/E. We have removed non-existant teams, added our missing real teams and resolved field clashes. This will not gel with the washingline, but this will work.  Added a couple of times that were missing. Moved teams to compact the day Again.




Bardon Latrobe   Manchester United

Bardon Latrobe Red   Piranhas

U9 Geckos Nth Bris   Hub

Bowman Park 5/67

Many fixtures are still to be completed, as seen by the Time 00:00. I’ll update this as the week progresses. Please there are Wrong Team names present, We Know and are trying to resolve them.  I’ve added some colour so you get some idea as to what little concrete information is available. We will try and resolve the issues ourselves tomorrow.

Tom and I will be at the CLub on Sat morning to help make sense of the Chaos which will no doubt ensue. We will have Referee’s.

Also note, Teams list as per were placed in the team pigeon holes Mon night. There will be errors, missing players, too many etc. Please pass all corrections to me joat2005 @ gmail . com if you have not done so already.

And please Managers, Coaches, Parents, Players are not allowed to play till they are financial. The team sheets reflect this information.


Bruce Powell
Registrar, Fixture Controller
Bardon Latrobe Junior Soccer Club Inc



  1. Hi Bruce
    Thank you very much. I am a new Manager for the U12 Div 3 team coached by Craig. I’ve looked at the fixtures list and as I don’t want to send everyone to the wrong place, could you please just confirm that I am reading correctly that our game is
    U12 Div 3 Grading game against Peninsula Power on Saturday 20/4/2013 at 11.30am Dalton Park 1
    Many thanks for your help.

  2. Bruce, I am manager for U6 Wagtails, how are we going for this weekend’s fixture and beyond. I am keen to get some info to the parents ASAP.

    1. Cameron,
      We’ve re-sent our teams list & Field layouts [as has every club] to FB and hope to see some clarity over the next few days.
      The website will be updated with meaningful info as it comes to hand.

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